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Diesel Bogie Gearbox
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We have designed a Diesel Bogie gearbox chain drive as a cost effective solution to the diesel bogie, which can be supplied with any of our standard motors.

This will include a specially designed gearbox, your choice of motor,
2 sprockets and chain with available ratios of
11.5:1, 12.8:1 and 14.4:1.
The gearbox has been manufactured at a width of 13.5mm and offset to allow plenty of boss on the sprocket to prevent slipping and to leave room for pinning if needed. The profile of the gearbox is kept small so as not to interfere with pick ups.
The gear ratios will provide prototypical scale speeds..
As with our standard gearboxes it is also fitted with a 4mm pillar at the back under the motor where a fork piece can be attached to the chassis and fitted over this pillar to support and restrain rotational movement whilst allowing the gearbox to float with the locomotive suspension.
PRICE 86.00
To include Gearbox, 2 Sprockets and Chain but no motor - (you will need to add the cost of your choice of motor to this price).

For choice of motors please go to our Price List by clicking the highlighted link or we can fit your supplied motor.