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Hymek Class 35

ABC Gears supplies a range of ready to run Bogie and Tender drive units to compliment its range of motor gearboxes for the O Gauge modeller who demands better performance from his models. The Bogies come complete with wheels, motor and pickups but require your cosmetic side frames and furniture to complete

Our Bogies use precision spur and helical gears to offer the same quiet, efficient running to diesel modellers that we offer to our steam modellers for a number of years. The efficiency of our Bogies is above 75% and enables us to offer relatively small motors to produce the required motive power. The higher efficiency also reduces the current drawn by the motor, which means that pickups can be much lighter reducing drag. It also makes our units suitable for battery operation and DCC.

The Bogies are driven on the two outer axles, the centre axle (where appropriate) is allowed to float. The leading axle is compensated to ensure that all four wheels stay on the track for improved holding and pickup performance.

Pickups are of the plunger and spring wire type and are designed so that the feed wires cannot influence plunger performance.

For further information on gear ratio selection click here for our speed chart

Class 37 Bogie


We have designed a Diesel Bogie gearbox chain drive
as a cost effective solution to the diesel bogie,
which can be supplied with any of our standard motors.
This will include a specially designed gearbox which is offset to one side to allow the fitting of a sprocket and your choice
motor, 2 sprockets and chain with available ratios of
11.5:1, 12.8:1 and 14.4:1.
Please go to the Diesel Bogie Gearbox page for
more information and pricing.