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A History of the Central Southern Gauge O Group (CSGOG)

Compiled by David Coasby, with information provided by Ian Coane, 
Mike Goodwin, Chris Hillier, Ray Jewell, 
Nigel Stevens, Adrian Swain and Roy Wood.

The Group started on 15th August 1979 in Mike Goodwin's lounge at 
Flintlock Cottage, Ray Gardiner, Alan Elliot, Adrian Swain and 
Mike Goodwin were the initial founders of the Group. 

For the first few meetings wives also attended regularly, with June Goodwin 
being very active in supporting the Group from its earliest times until 
ill-health prevented her from participating. 

Around this time David Smalley and the then Gauge O Guild President, 
Roy Turner, also played some part in the setting up of the Group.

In those early days Mike hosted outdoor events in his garden 
where he had an O gauge railway. His was coarse scale, 
with clockwork/steam propulsion and no electrics anywhere! 

The first Group test track produced was on a plank of wood 
with two parallel coarse scale tracks and a crossover, 
which sufficed until the circular test track was built later on.
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