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Gauge '1'
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ABC Gears design and supply a range of high quality precision motor/gearbox units for Gauge ‘1’ and uses a more robust version of spur and helical gears to those used in our ‘O’ Gauge range.

Our smooth, quiet gearboxes have an efficiency of over 70% which means the motors can be smaller, space is reduced, leaving more room for adhesive weight. The higher efficiency reduces motor current so pick up can be lighter, reducing drag and enables them to be used in battery operation and DCC.

The gearboxes are only 23.6mm wide leaving plenty of space for compensation and springing. Gears are either steel or phosphor bronze running in generous bearings for longer life.

There are many standard motor and gearbox combinations available and we can also fit our gearboxes to motors supplied by you.

See our Price List for further details.

VML4 Gearbox

gauge 1