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Gauge 1 Traction Motor
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The ABC Traction Motor is a two stage spur reduction unit designed for diesel locomotives and multiple units. The unit consists of a motor, gears and wheels ready to be fitted into your bogie.

It comes complete with outside stub axles which fit into your bogie bearings and must be anchored to prevent the unit rotating. It is fitted with Slaters wheels, which are insulated. One pick-up is fitted to each axle unit. Two units fitted back to back will, therefore, pick up power from opposite sides. This makes it possible to power all wheels on the locomotive.

We can supply Slaters wheels - sizes of 3ft7 and 3ft9 or we can fit your supplied wheel sets. The two stage gear set reduces the top speed to a little over 100 mph and gives excellent control at low speeds. A bogie fitted with two of these units has proved more than adequate on an ten coach train, although we expect that fitting only one on a five coach train may cause wheel slipping problems.


(Please specify wheel diameter)

Traction with 6v/12v 6w Maxon motor excluding wheels - if using Slaters add 14.32

22 x 32


Pickups (each)



Pot of Oil



Postage & Packing (recorded delivery)