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'0' Gauge Gearboxes
PLEASE NOTE: All prices are inclusive of 20% vat unless otherwise stated.
Payment is by cash or cheque only - we do not accept cards at this time


The efficiency of a worm and wheel can be less than 25%. Our gearboxes use precision spur and helical gears for quiet running and give efficiency above 75%. This enables them to transmit three times the power from a given motor to the track, or put another way, use a motor developing a third of the power to do the same job. The motors we use are smaller so the motor gearbox can be fitted easily, leaving more space in the firebox for adhesive weight. The higher efficiency also reduces the current drawn by the motor. This means that pick-ups can be lighter, reducing drag. It makes our units suitable for battery operation and DCC.

We now include DCC decoders in our range for sale - see our Decoder price list.

The gearboxes are very narrow, only 16mm overall, to leave space for compensation beams and springing gear. All gearboxes are also fitted with a 4mm pillar at the back under the motor. A fork piece (see below) can be attached to the chassis and fitted over this pillar to support and restrain the rotational movement of the gearbox while allowing it to float with the locomotives suspension. An optional second pillar can be ordered for the other end of the gearbox for compensation systems

VML2C (2 stage) Gearbox


Mini (3 stage) Gearbox


Please see full details on our 2 Stage and 3 Stage Gearbox pages.a_loco_showing_fork_motor_mount_with_arrow

To help in fixing the gearbox into the chassis 
Brian recommends using a fork, shown in the 
diagram right.
To fit the fork - this needs to be soldered to 
the chassis such that the fork is pointing towards 
the axle and the rear pillar of the gearbox needs 
to slide freely in the fork. 
This allows the gearbox to float in the chassis 
but prevents it rotating around the axle.
These can be supplied at a cost 2.00 each

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